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Tools to Sell Books Directly on your Website

by Bibliocrunch •  March 4, 2014  •   Follow

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We list out the tools that allow you to sell books directly from your website.

This works if: you already have a huge base of followers and if you want to avoid retailer royalties. In addition, the tools usually have some type of transaction fee associated with them.

The three main resources for selling online are:

  • Gumroad
  • Ganxy
  • WordPress plugin, EditionGuard




  • Enter details about your book
  • Create your widget and embed on your site
  • Transaction fee: 5% + $.25




  • Enter your book details
  • Create your widget
  • Embed on your site, FB, etc
  • 10% transaction fee



  • If you have a WordPress blog as your author site you can leverage the plugins
  • EditionGuard
  • IndiePlan starts at $49/month
  • $.45 per download


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