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Find Work - Beta Reader (7)


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    I am looking for a reader with a critical eye to provide feedback on my YA manuscript. Word count: 58, 048 words Thank you!

    Posted by vanessacolaiacovo
    Canada 1 project posted
  • Reading and book review

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    I need someone to read the book and provide feedback. I might retain editorial help based on the feedback.

    Posted by lazawal-ahmad
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  • Tragicomic, surreal novel set in quasi sci-Fi/fantasy universe

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    Hello! I am looking for a beta reader who would be ready to assess my novel with particular focus on plot flow, characters, universe and word choice. I am not expecting the beta reader to check all the grammar/spelling since it would be the work for an editor. I am more than happy to accept […]

    Posted by bradleyshiner
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  • Lost Loves

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    First draft is written. Friends who have read my 69,500 word novel like it, but I need a more objective opinion. This is my first novel, and am considering self publishing. It’s about a grandmother, depressed about how she lost the love of a man in her teenage years, and her oldest child some 25 […]

    Posted by peoplepowergranny
    NC/United States 1 project posted
  • The Rose and the Ivy

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    I need someone to read my Nano novel. I believe it will pass as “young adult.” I’m also unsure whether it flows smoothly or not.

    Posted by gaildennehy
    Arizona, United States 1 project posted
  • Beta Reader Needed

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    I need a beta reader for the first draft of book 2 of my fantasy/adventure series. It is self-published and I am looking for a comprehensive story editor to give me detailed notes on plot, character development, theme, story structure, etc. I would prefer someone with a British-style sense of humour as it is written […]

    Posted by lennoxbauthor
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  • Completed, edited crime novel need beta readers

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    Hey everyone. I have a crime novel complete at 78,000 words that has been edited and I believe is ready to go. I would like to have some beta readers test it however and get some feedback and input. I am seeking those with an interest in crime/mystery/thriller novels.

    Posted by nyterp8
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