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  • Assignment Arena

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    I am looking for someone who may give me a different perspective regarding the content and plot of my book which is a business non -fiction.

    Posted by kimmytozana
    United Arab Emirates 1 project posted
  • The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer

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    I have a ms.of about 100,000 words, which is being edited now. Because the book is big and the price has to be competitive, I need to watch the economics. It seems to me that the best printing option is IngramSparks, but I would like to make sure I am making the best decisions. I […]

    Posted by janet29018
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  • Looking for an Agent -Publsiher Book

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    Posted by anavidalegea
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  • Fear of Drowning

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    I am looking for someone to guide me through the indy publishing process beginning with a book cover design. The novel has been professionally edited and has received excellent feedback from many agents. I would like to publish it this Fall.

    Posted by nikkipag
    Massachusetts, United States 1 project posted