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Find Work - Copy Editing (13)

  • Re-write description for back cover for print and digital and assist with tagline creation

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    I would like someone to re-write the description of the back cover for my book including details of about the author and assist in choosing the best tagline of a book for its second publication. The bio is 300 words long and possibly include three reviews or blurbs from the book. We can discuss further […]

    Posted by monzie
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  • There and Not There

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    There and Not There is my first novel. I started it four years ago in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is finished. At 110,000 words, its present tense is 2008 but it ranges as far back as the 1920s. It takes place principally in Los Angeles, Providence, Paris, Venice, and Oaxaca, Mexico. It is the week of […]

    Posted by pmelaragno
    Hollywood, FL, United States 1 project posted
  • The Final Book: Gods

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    ————CLOSED PROJECT HAS BEEN AWARDED———— The book has been read by about 10 people with varying skill sets- self-proclaimed “literary gurus” and down the list to your mom (my mom, actually). Each has provided feedback and notes- even correcting grammar and spelling with a goddamned red pen. I’m probably in my 4th or 5th rewrite […]

    Posted by swhammond
    Lost Vegas, NV 1 project posted
  • Cookbook for Pakistani food

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    Looking to hire 1) copy editor/ proof reader 2) book printer & designer 3) e format & e book distribution etc Looking for locals in Canada, Ontario Areas: Oakville/ Burlington/ Missisauga

    Posted by mehreen
    Oakville, ON, Canada 1 project posted
  • Copy Editing Childrens Book

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    Experience in editing childrens books. Approximately 300 words. 8 page book.

    Posted by munya16
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  • Adventurous Children of the Donner Party

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    I have written a book for children, 3-6 grade about the lives of the children of the Donner party. Heavily researched, with bibliography, this book is historical fiction. I have had an offer from a member the American Ass. of University Women, that once it is published they want to put the book into all […]

    Posted by holly
    Penn Valley, CA, United States 2 projects posted
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    completed novel – 122,000 words – ninth revision and ready for copy editing before self publishing. Lovely Rita – historical young adult story

    Posted by randallblair
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  • Beauty For Ashes

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    I just need a good copywriter who can fix grammatical issues and identify timeline holes in my story.

    Posted by jasperrains
    St. Louis, MO, United States 1 project posted
  • Mars Colony One

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    Posted by andyaspellclark
    Bristol, UK 1 project posted
  • Trading Paris For New York

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    I need a copy-editor who can work with an author writing in English with French as a first language. In other word my editor would have excellent knowledge of usage, punctuation, and Chicago style. My fictional story, based on a true story, follows the exploits of a young French immigrant who has traveled to the […]

    Posted by my6612a
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