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Find Work - Developmental Editing (20)

  • – Steps To Download and Install Microsoft Office Setup

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    For a company to grow and develop, it needs to implement avant-garde technology. Owing to the benefits offered by Microsoft Office, a majority of businesses and offices use the productivity suite developed by Microsoft. Microsoft, a famous name in the tech world, launched the first Office suite in 1990. Since then several versions like Office […]

    Posted by john655939
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  • How Can You Post A YouTube Video On Facebook?

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     Go to YouTube. Note: you don’t necessarily need to log in to YouTube unless you want to link to an age-restricted YouTube video.At the top of your YouTube page, tap on the search bar. Now you need to enter video’s title name and hit the Enter button. Select a video from the searched results. Click […]

    Posted by smith655
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  • Book technical review and editing.

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    A computer science book to review. Reviewer should be well familiar with programming languages preferably python.

    Posted by hjain1011
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  • Editorial Assessment Wanted

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    I’ve written a short book with the goal of helping baby boomers understand how effective retirement planning can address many of the risks they’ll face during retirement. The book is written for people who want to plan for retirement, have heard the term “retirement planning” thrown around before, but aren’t sure exactly what it means […]

    Posted by rolekretirement
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  • Jatin’s memoir

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    I have written a memoir on my experiences with a big 4 organisation, the challenges, the politics in forefront. I need support in editing my memoir to make it marketable. I am attaching some sample chapters.

    Posted by jatin8407
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  • Options trading strategies.

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    Tax reform is on every analyst’s mind right now. Changes in the corporate tax rate are a significant development. Many analysts are revising their earnings models to reflect the lower rates. In many cases, this will result in higher earnings per share. But, the changes to the tax rules will have effects beyond the rate […]

    Posted by optionsprofitsdaily
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  • Dust

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    This is to hire a professional editor for an English language novel, named ‘ Dust’. The services required are to edit language, structure, and if some more work is required for character development, flow of events, and clarity in narrative.

    Posted by arshad
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  • Ossuary

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    Seeking a developmental editor for a 70,000-word supernatural thriller. First in a series of seven.

    Posted by eb7228
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  • Psych thriller developmental editor needed

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    I’m looking for someone who has experience editing thrillers, especially developmental editing or manuscript evaluation. I write psychological thrillers and need an editor to help me achieve my goals. Estimated MS length is 75,000-80,000 words.

    Posted by gkabongo
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