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  • AMERICA (We the People) Not an Obamanation

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    This is a political essay intended to get Obama impeached before he completes his task of destroying a great nation. It is history and factual based with charts, graphs and spin free comments. It will open the eyes of those who are sitting on the sideline waiting for the next election. Too late!

    Posted by shadowrf34
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  • Making Money Matter…Impact Investing to Change the World

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    My book is published and I need help getting it out there. Speaking engagements, interviews, blog invites… I write for HuffPo and am used to speaking to large audiences. Maybe now I am just looking for reviews until I start getting some income to reinvest in marketing…

    Posted by g-benjamin-bingham
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  • The Daemon Portfolio

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    A vetted, experienced editor who can help me get my manuscript publisher-ready and guide me through the hoops of publishing.

    Posted by chi3037
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