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  • New Choice Car Loans

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    New Choice Car Loans is Australia’s leading finance broker for new and used car finance. We bring in several years of experience to find you the loan that suits you best and simplify the loan process so that you can get your dream car in the shortest possible time. For More Info, Visit at:

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  • Best Online Dispensary Canada

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    Best Online Dispensary Canada Home

    Posted by ellagould
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  • Car Loans with Poor Credit

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    Instant Car Loan Approval in Canada Now Apply Online for car loan with Lowest Interest Rates.

    Posted by maxd301
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  • Children’s book

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    Looking for a Line Editor for a 400 word children’s picture book.

    Posted by coniet7
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    Hi, I’m a former college professor and government contractor for military families. I’d like to start with a line editor for the first 50 pages, approximately 15K – 17K words. I think I’ve delayed the plot in trying to give readers elements of living in Germany as a military spouse. I can be “uber” verbose. […]

    Posted by cathyfbd
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  • A Traveler’s Travel Guide

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    Looking for Substantive editing of a non-fiction, how-to travelers’ guide. Target reader is Canadian and USA travelers, their families and would-be travelers. Text is completed with 4 rewrites, self editing and facts checked. Editor should have experience in the genre and/or be a traveler. About 39,000 words require professional editing. Overall text totals some 41,000 […]

    Posted by jweber12385
    Florida, USA 1 project posted
  • The Legend in the Winds

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    Dear Concern, I am a first time writer looking for a professional editor to dissect my 108,000 word science fiction thriller, The Legend in the Winds. The manuscript is finished, revised, rewritten, and even edited to the best of my abilities, but it is only as far I believe I can take it by myself. […]

    Posted by avisidhu
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  • ExtraOrdinary

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    The story takes place in an apocalyptic world where humans have become gods, each possessing a unique ability. The main character, Braiten, doesn’t have any ability, though, and he must navigate through a corrupt and greedy world, facing super-powered villains and obstacles along the way.

    Posted by alexgates
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    I wanted to know if there is anyone who could edit a book for me. So far, I have over 40,000 words. My entire book will be done in 2 to 3 weeks.

    Posted by sjauthor01
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  • Kingdom Come

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    I’m getting through a former NaNoWriMo novel, and going through it myself. Mostly looking for someone to edit and compare notes, or generally tell me overly used flaws. This is a literal “zero draft” work, with no prior editing into it, so it’s still really messy at times. It’s about 60k words, and a sci-fi, […]

    Posted by billiejoeiscool
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