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  • Restoring Care to American Healthcare, Book 1–Our Allies Have Become Our Enemies

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    This is the first in a series of seven nonfiction e-book about our healthcare system. I am looking for proofing to (a) eliminate all mistakes: typos, punctuation, etc; and (b) make sure it is formatted properly for Scrivener to convert to a nice Kindle book. If things work out well with the editing, there are […]

    Posted by dr-deane
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  • Lady Saville’s Lover

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    This project is a Regency romance. It’s been edited and is published as an ebook. However, when I glanced through it a few days ago I found a couple of typos which slipped through. The project is 46,000 words. I’d love something to go through it, just to find any and all typos. No other […]

    Posted by penred
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  • The Life of A Migrant

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    Children’s book I have written. I want to make it into a series. Please read my profile for more detail. First I need someone to proof it. I need it to flow. Then I need an illustrator.

    Posted by pokorak1000
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    Book about slavery through 19th century Making book available to educational institutions and household S. Tenth grade reading level with references.

    Posted by sagesavant
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  • Novel edit and typesetting

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    Hello I am looking for an editor to proof read my manuscript for typos and have it typeset For publication. It has already undergone a structural edit. The book is 100, 000 words approximately and is about a dog left behind in Mexico who is left behind by his owner but makes the journey across […]

    Posted by pjames
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