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Why You Should Come to #IndieChat -> BiblioCrunch Residency Program

by Bibliocrunch  •  May 15, 2014

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We’re excited to have BiblioCrunch CEO and founder, Miral Sattar, as our guest on Tuesday’s #IndieChat on 5/20/14.  

Going APE with Self-Publishing

by Bibliocrunch  •  April 11, 2014

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For some Friday writing inspiration, make sure to go APE: Author a great book, Publish it quickly, and Entrepreneur your way to success! Self-publishing is the best way to publish quickly, and BiblioCrunch is the best way to edit your book well and self-publish it to success.

Making the Time to Write

by Bibliocrunch  •  April 4, 2014

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As a writer in the modern world, its sometimes hard to make time to write as often as we would want to. Self-publishing allows you to write on your own time, and resources from BiblioCrunch can help!

BiblioCrunch Residency Program – All Aboard!

by Miral Sattar  •  March 11, 2014

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Feel uncomfortable about signing up for the Amtrak Residency program and still want a free ride? You can still write without worrying about what you’re giving away. We’re giving away an Amtrak long distance roundtrip train ride from NYC to Florida.  You  get to pick either Orlando or Miami. *Update 3/12/14* if you don’t live

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NYC-based BiblioCrunch Teams up with Wattpad to Promote Authors

by  •  March 26, 2013

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New York, NY: BiblioCrunch, a marketplace to find quality, vetted editorial and book publishing services, is teaming up with Wattpad to enrich the offerings available to the BiblioCrunch concierge services. Now, in addition to accessing BiblioCrunch’s author and promotion services, Premium authors on BiblioCrunch can submit their stories directly for submission to Wattpad’s Featured Stories

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