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6 Easy To Implement Tips for Creating a Newsletter for Authors

by Auburn Seal  •  April 6, 2017

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Email newsletters have been around for a while. I think we’ve all heard that we should have one. It’s a great way to stay in touch with our readers and having a big list can be a great boost for bumping new releases in their first few days and generally it’s an effective component of

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When and How to Build Your Author Platform

by Auburn Seal  •  March 16, 2017

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All successful self-published authors talk about the importance of building a solid author platform to ensure successful book marketing. But what does that really mean? I’m going to tell you specifically what an author platform should consist of and when you should begin to lay the foundation. I’ll start with when. That’s the easy part.

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Ghostwriting Basics

by Auburn Seal  •  January 10, 2017

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Are you thinking of ghostwriting? Did you know that there is an Association of Ghostwriters? Yep, there is. They’ve got some great articles if you are interested in some of the logistics, such as: How to market yourself as a ghostwriter without sharing confidential client informationĀ orĀ 3 Secret Places to Find Ghostwriting Gigs. Websites like these

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