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Publishing News Roundup Series: Penguin Random House Expands into Southeast Asia

by Maureen Crisp  •  November 5, 2018

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  As Penguin continues to expand many wonder the effects on smaller publishers and self publishing.

Publishing News Roundup Series: To Author Brand or Not to Author Brand? That is the Publishing Question.

by Maureen Crisp  •  May 22, 2017

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  There are always big debates on weather an author should brand themselves or not.

Publishing News Roundup Series: Writing Fiction to Escape Reality

by Maureen Crisp  •  October 31, 2016

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  Happy Halloween, everyone! There has always been a debate about writing fiction as an escape for reality.

Publishing News Roundup Series: How Successful Writing Craft Makes Successful Storytelling

by Maureen Crisp  •  August 8, 2016

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  One of the most important elements of successful storytelling is writing craft.

Publishing News Roundup Series: Its All About the Color Pop for Bookend Design

by Maureen Crisp  •  June 7, 2016

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  This week we talk a little bit more about BEA, and we focus on a Wall Street Journal article that talks about the importance of bright colors on bookends.

Publishing News Roundup Series: Genre Journeys

by Christi Sheehan  •  March 30, 2016

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From   This week seemed to be genre week with interesting  articles from across the genre spectrum. Children’s Publishing day at Digital Book World had some interesting takeaways. A few years ago it was widely speculated that with all these smart phones the early adopters would be teenagers. But they aren’t. They still want a physical

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Publishing News Roundup Series: Day Two of DBW and Precautions in the Publishing World

by Maureen Crisp  •  March 22, 2016

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  This week’s post is all about day two of Digital Book World.

Publishing News Roundup Series: Paying the Writer Versus Writing for Free

by Maureen Crisp  •  February 29, 2016

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  This week we are talking about getting paid as writers versus writing for free.

Publishing News Roundup Series: Why Scribd Changed Its Subscription Model

by Maureen Crisp  •  February 22, 2016

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  There are a lot of changes that went on this past week in the online publishing world.

Publishing News Roundup Series: Cassandra Clare’s Plagiarism Case and the New Harry Potter Book

by Maureen Crisp  •  February 15, 2016

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  Plagiarism is a serious thing when it comes to book publishing.