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Publishing News Roundup Series: Nook Closes Hundreds of Indie Author Accounts

by Maureen Crisp  •  August 28, 2017

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  The whole point of self-publishing is to have your published work out for readers to find. But what happens when the ability to publish is taken away?

Basics of Online Ebook Retailers

by Miral Sattar  •  February 25, 2014

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    Thinking about self-publishing and wanted to know about the biggest retailers for your digital and print books? We break it down for you in our easy to navigate guide below.

Submitting your Book to NOOK Press – Formerly BN PubIt!

by Miral Sattar  •  October 10, 2013

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In April 2013, Barnes and Noble launched NOOK Press. All NOOK Press is a redesigned version of Barnes and Noble’s PubIt!. NOOK Press has a lot of neat features, but the most important thing is that if you were using BN PubIt to upload your books to Barnes and Noble, you will now have to

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