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WEBINAR 2/23 – How to Get Press and Reviews for Your Book

by Miral Sattar  •  February 8, 2016

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I’m so excited to be introducing our next FREE webinar for Bibliocrunch members. I’ve helped numerous authors get reviews and press. You can check out the links on the bottom to see some examples. At every conference I speak at, the most common question is “How do I get visibility for my book?”

5 Ways Writers Can Relax AND Increase Productivity

by Auburn Seal  •  February 4, 2016

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  Writers work extremely hard. There is so much to do and not enough hours in the day to get it done. Don’t forget to take a few moments each day to ensure your physical and mental health remain strong. Getting sick from exhaustion will only slow you down in the long run, so be proactive

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How to Become a Self-Publishing Superhero

by Auburn Seal  •  January 27, 2016

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Independent authors wear many hats.

Publishing News Roundup Series: The Publishing Industry 2015 Reviews and 2016 Predictions

by Maureen Crisp  •  January 11, 2016

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  It is a new year in the publishing world!

Welcome to 2016! A Publishing Roadmap

by Miral Sattar  • 

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Thought I’d share some of my favorite publishing tips of 2015 for you to enjoy and make 2016 even better for you. We’ve organized a self-publishing roadmap to guide you through your publishing journey.

Four-Book Box Publishing Set – Our Holiday Gift To You

by Christi Sheehan  •  December 15, 2015

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Calling all writers! From now until the end of the year, Bibliocrunch will be offering FREE access to our four incredibly helpful guides that will show you how to self-publish your book, step-by-step!

9 Questions for Indie Author Rajdeep Paulus

by Christi Sheehan  •  December 9, 2015

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Indie author and award-winning writer Rajdeep Paulus shares her journey as a writer and offers thoughtful advice on how to live your dream as a self-published author. This mom of four not only finds the time to write has pretty much figured out how to succeed in the competitive self-publishing climate.

Publishing News Roundup Series: Publishers and Authors Discuss Issues of Trust

by Maureen Crisp  •  December 7, 2015

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    Publishing is all about trust between the team.

Protecting Your Self-Publishing Work and Why It’s Like Owning a Car

by Guest Contributor  •  November 19, 2015

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With the expansion of publishing into the online world, it is much easier these days to copy and plagiarize someone’s work.

Webinar 11/18: SEO: How to Rank Higher in Google as an Author

by Christi Sheehan  •  November 11, 2015

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We are excited to be introducing our third free webinar on Wednesday, November 18th at 1 PM for Bibliocrunch members on how to improve your google ranking as an author. You must register at the link below to attend. The best part? You can attend from your computer at home in  your pajamas!