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Are You an Honest Writer?

by Auburn Seal  •  May 10, 2016

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  We talked a bit last week about ways to unblock ourselves. There are many reasons that a writer can feel blocked and a billion ways to attempt to recover from that block. Today, we’ll talk about one of the main reasons I find that a writer is struggling to tap into their muse. They

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Four Ways to Banish Writer’s Block

by Auburn Seal  •  May 5, 2016

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Writer’s Block. It’s a real thing with real consequences. Let’s talk about it. When you talk about something, it becomes less scary of a thing. So let’s banish writer’s block to the shadows. There are lots of things can keep us from writing and it’s not always about being blocked. Sometimes life carries us away

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Publishing News Roundup Series: Productivity Tips For Authors – A Great Holiday Gift!

by Maureen Crisp  •  December 14, 2015

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    The holidays are in full swing! And so is the latest publishing news.