I am an author with experience in traditional publishing but none in eBooks. My books were published before eBooks existed. I’ve now published The Damascus Cover as an eBook and paperback in conjunction with a coming feature film of the novel. I simply could not have done without Bibliocrunch. I had and have a million questions and trying to figure this out on my own would have been a nightmare and beyond stressful.

Howard Kaplan

LA TIMES Best-selling author, Damascus Cover

Even as someone knee deep in the self-pub world & a veteran of book publishing, I got LOADS out of the consult service from Bibliocrunch.

Peter Myers

Interactive reading designer, author BREAKING THE PAGE

I am going to launch my book shortly and I could not have done it without Bibliocrunch. The process has been flawless and Miral Sattar has been wonderful to work with. I did not want to spend my limited time figuring out how to find an editor, a cover designer, a formatter, and the whole process needed to upload in each format. Bibliocrunch offers a superlative service, and Miral is incredibly knowledgeable.

Margery Leveen Sher

Author, The Noticer’s Guide to Living and Laughing

I have had great experiences with Bibliocrunch! The evening classes/talks have always been very informative and I always learned something, even when I did not expect to learn anything. I have also found great professionals to assist in my various projects, especially related to promotion and advertising my book(s) — thanks to the assistance I got via Bibliocrunch, my first book hit the Kindle top download/bestseller list!.

Stephen Morris

Author, Hell or High Water

I started receiving numerous “bids” from different publishers, editors, and interested individuals. WOW – it did work. All individuals kept in touch with me, and were very interested in my nonfiction memoir … Bibliocrunch, I highly recommend (and have) for any author for future endeavors.

Suzette Brown


Bibliocrunch connects you with people you need, [they] helped me in a bind.

S.R. Johannes

Amazon best-selling author, Nature of Grace Series

When I became a full-time editor and proofreader, I opened accounts with some well-known freelance work websites. Unfortunately, what I faced all too often was a marketplace with no oversight and no internal support, meaning I was offered jobs where the client wanted to pay sweatshop wages for a job I spent six years in college and another ten years in the workforce becoming qualified to do. When authors post their jobs on BiblioCrunch, however, they’re given the tools and support from the company to get a realistic expectation of what the job entails. I don’t get requests to edit a 75K-word manuscript for $50, and I don’t get clients who expect the job to be done in three days. I find clients who have a genuine understanding that investing in their manuscripts is a worthwhile endeavor, and that as a professional, I’m worth their time and money. That’s the difference in working with authors through BiblioCrunch and working with other websites.

Mercy Pilkington

CEO, Author Options

Although I have produced twelve books in traditional publishing, I could not launch an e-book until I signed up for Concierge Services from Bibliocrunch. Affordable and always there with the right answers, Bibliocrunch is an author’s best friend.

Deborah Chase

No-Nonsense Beauty Blog

I loved Bibliocrunch. I had several fantastic offers from several respectable editors and was able to choose one who has been wonderful.

Rebecca Wallace