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Webinar 4/5 – How to Master Facebook as an Author

by Auburn Seal •  March 15, 2016  •   Follow

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I’m excited to announce the next FREE webinar offered by Bibliocrunch on April 5th, 2016 at 4 PM EST. Facebook marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with readers. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to use Facebook as an author to promote your books and your author brand!


Join us for this FREE webinar How to Master Facebook as an Author and learn how to leverage your activity on Facebook to connect with readers, build a street team, advertise, and engage with a community of writers.

You’ll learn:

  • When you should create a group vs a page
  • How to connect with your readers
  • How to leverage street teams to promote your book
  • How to build a street team with Facebook
  • Where to find and connect with writing communities to cross-promote
  • How to connect with readers with parties and giveaways


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