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  • Portable Buildings –

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    Want to buy a portable storage building in New Zealand? has all sort of portable buildings, portable cabins and portable offices available meeting wide variety of needs.

    Posted by shedlove
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  • Why is Proofreading Considered a Crucial Aspect by the Students in Australia?

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    All those sleepless nights and relentless hours of conducting research for your assignment, adding the extracted content to the paper along with referencing and in-text citations would go down the drain if you end up skipping the revision process and face proofreading and editing issues at the end of the day. Contextual flaws, silly grammatical […]

    Posted by nathanwilliam
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    I am looking for a reader with a critical eye to provide feedback on my YA manuscript. Word count: 58, 048 words Thank you!

    Posted by vanessacolaiacovo
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  • Looking for my perfect editor

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    I am an author of children’s picture books and a single mother on a budget. I have written 7 books to date and have spent way too much time and money searching for my perfect editor. Each of my books has a word count under 1000. I need to find an editor who knows the […]

    Posted by vchamberlain
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    Posted by manish
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  • Need editing on a blog post

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    I need someone to read over and make improvements to my writing in a blog post.

    Posted by jivesushi
    Santa Monica, CA, United States 3 projects posted
  • Book technical review and editing.

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    A computer science book to review. Reviewer should be well familiar with programming languages preferably python.

    Posted by hjain1011
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