Creating an interactive pdf/e-book – suitable as an online file for desktop/publishable for tablet on app store open

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I am a Marketing executive who works in the B2B telecoms sector. I’m currently looking for an experienced graphic designer who is able to create an interactive pdf/e-book that would be suitable for desktop/tablet use and publishable as an app via the app store.

The book would be a price catalogue that listed tariffs from two different mobile networks, in addition to a much smaller commissions sheet. One of the network catalogues comes in the form of an xls (convert to csv) so ideally this may be exportable into some in-design table templates.

The other data sheet is pdf, so would have to be created manually and the data copied in on this first occasion. There is lots of collateral we can use in terms of graphics from the networks, but there would still be a need for time spent creating graphics, navigation, typography etc, as well as the formatting of data into the tables. There is an existing document that is standard pdf to reference in terms of products/tariffs. The concept is to create something with improved user experience, more detailed product information, interactivity, internal links and a simpler navigation system with higher quality graphics.

PROJECT CONTENTS – Company Cover page/ Introduction page (information about company) \\ 2 network cover pages (including network company info) \\ 2 network home sections (indexes/contents with click through links) \\ 2 network product sections \\ 2 end pages cover pages \\ resources section – (where anybody with a pdf editor can add links to external links company website) – END

There is already an in-house designer who would be able to collaborate with you. Discussing concepts, brand guidelines and approving final versions. The creation of the graphics, navigation, data exporting etc would need to be carried out primarily by yourself with support from the in-house designer. My role as the Marketing Executive is to provide content, resource and product information. In addition to managing the project from conception to publication.

Really keen to discuss ideas, budgets and project details (and subsequent timelines) with any interested parties.