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Publishing News Roundup Series: The Mysterious Effectiveness of Publicity

by Maureen Crisp  •  April 4, 2016

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  Publishing works in mysterious ways.

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A Meme for Reading at the Beach-Its Not Over Yet!

by Samantha Knoerzer  •  September 9, 2015

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    Our beach reading love is not over yet!

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A Funny Meme to Get You Through the Day

by Samantha Knoerzer  •  September 8, 2015

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  Here’s a funny meme created by us to get through the day.

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#Indiechat – The Mechanics of Indie Publishing

by Samantha Knoerzer  •  January 30, 2015

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We’re excited to have Dave Bricker, writer of The World’s Greatest Book blog, as our guest on Tuesday’s #IndieChat on 2/3/15.


Amazon Speaks Out – Hachette Battle

by Miral Sattar  •  July 29, 2014

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Amazon hasn’t commented or said much about their ongoing contract battle with Hachette. Earlier today, on their forums they broke their silence and released an official statement.

#IndieChat – Where is the Future of Book Publishing Headed?

by Bibliocrunch  •  June 5, 2014

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We’re excited to have Jane Friedman, @janefriedman on Twitter, as our guest on Tuesday’s #IndieChat on 6/10/14.


Going APE with Self-Publishing

by Bibliocrunch  •  April 11, 2014

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For some Friday writing inspiration, make sure to go APE: Author a great book, Publish it quickly, and Entrepreneur your way to success! Self-publishing is the best way to publish quickly, and BiblioCrunch is the best way to edit your book well and self-publish it to success.

Selling Effectively with Kobo

by Bibliocrunch  •  March 11, 2014

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Kobo Inc. is the company that makes the Kobo eReader, and its headquarters is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Predictions on Where Indie and Self-Publishing is Heading in 2014

by Anthony Chan  •  February 11, 2014

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I’m generally not very fond of making predictions about the future, particularly in the technology space.

#IndieChat – Twitter Tips for Authors with Joel Friedlander

by Miral Sattar  •  December 2, 2013

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As many of you may know we host #indiechat every week. We invite industry experts and authors to discuss and share tips on the indie and publishing landscape. #Indiechat is held every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern. You can check out our previous chat logs on BiblioCrunch Storify.