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Find Work - Layout and Cover Design (22)

  • Hallowed Harvests: Reapers, Gleaners, and Threshers in Western Art and Literature

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    The author is my father, who is a professor at Seattle Pacific University. He has published historical works through Washington State University Press, but now seeks to pursue independent publishing. His special interests relate to agrarian history and sustainability studies. This book grew out of a recent title for WSU Press on northwest agrarian history. […]

    Posted by scheuerman
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  • Publishing House in Need of Designer for POD Book Cover Layout (Multiple Titles)

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    Stonehouse Productions is a pioneering independent digital publishing firm, which manages the creative repertoire of American novelist, screenwriter and playwright Warren Adler known best for his books turned films, “The War of the Roses” and “Random Hearts”. The English language versions of more than 35 works are currently available in all eBook and Print-on-Demand formats […]

    Posted by stonehouseproductions
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  • The Beyond

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    Hi, I’m Kali Herrick, 13 year old fictional story writer, and I’m looking for an editor and cover designer. My book hasn’t been completed yet, but I think that it could be a great seller once it is done. I hope to have it done by November 2016, but I have school, so I’m not […]

    Posted by k-trinity-h
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  • What’s my problem?

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    We sell business advice to executives, entrepreneurs and sales people. We are looking to design an ebook in PDF and ibook format. I already have both formatted but I dont like the design inside. I am looking for something modern, clean and sleek. I want it to scream high class, exclusive information. I need the […]

    Posted by eugene208
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  • Artist needed

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    I am looking for someone that can draw or work with digital art

    Posted by strattus1223
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  • The Quorum’s Child and the Constitution-Challenging Election of 2020

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    My novel depicts a presidential election that goes awry, featuring a little-known omission in the 20th Amendment, which in 2020 creates a situation in which the nation is stymied during the election process. I need a cover designed and help organizing the book (preface, acknowledgements, etc.).

    Posted by fsingleton
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  • Digital Artist Needed to create ebook and print covers

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    Hi All, I have a medical thriller that I am seeking a digital artist for to create an ebook cover that is compatible across the different platforms and also a print cover. I am a first time, soon to be self published author and want a digital artist used to doing covers for thrillers and […]

    Posted by werubin
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  • Create a Non-Fiction Ebook from a Word File

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    Hi, I have written a 50,000 word non-fiction book. It is in word format. I am looking for someone who can produce an ebook form the file. It would include a custom cover and the interior formatting as well.

    Posted by tushar
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  • Eating Lean and Green with Super Foods to Save the Planet!

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    I have written a 40 page children’s non-fiction picture book about healthful eating, with consideration for farm animals and the planet. I have licensed stock photos for the illustrations. I am in need of a designer to fine tune the lay out of photos/ text to ready for publication.

    Posted by barbaracolegates
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  • Shadows at the Door Anthology

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    Creating a ghost story anthology and looking for a page designer to not only create a professional layout but also to see if some subtle atmosphere can be added within this as well. Page designer will need to incorporate a collection of illustrations into this as well. Look at approximately thirteen 5,000 – 7,000 word […]

    Posted by shadowsatthedoor
    Durham, United Kingdom 1 project posted