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  • Need Editor and Designer for Qigong and Sports Science Book

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    We have created the content for several cutting edge Qigong books that combine Qigong with fascia, sports science and Chinese Medicine. There are quite nice visuals. These books should be developed into several formats: 1-for a PDF download that will be sold for a higher price so it must be visually appealing. 2-For Kindle so […]

    Posted by qigong
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  • The Invisible Hand

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    I have written a Young Adult book which will be published by Lodestar Books in February 2017. The book is about children at a boarding school who become involved in the plot of Macbeth. The book is designed as an adventure/love story for young teenage readers, but I also want it to be used as […]

    Posted by jimbo007
    Madrid, EspaƱa 1 project posted
  • FR UnitUltraSkySpectrumForcefields FR INFINITILLION

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    We wish to engage services of a professional that has the productive network which can place this work of fiction FR with online book sellers such as Amazon FR is a fable about the powers of Infinite Lightening possessed by children living in communities and neighborhoods on the pacific North coast of America and how […]

    Posted by pcaoegoa
    Lagos state, Nigeria 1 project posted
  • Easy Cover Layout for print

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to use indesign to format my cover with the template provided by create space and ingram sparks. i have the illustration and font chosen already, and just need someone to do a very simple layout of print and spacing for the cover of my book please.

    Posted by phoebe933
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  • Radiation Therapy Registry Review

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    I have created a review guide for Radiation Therapy students who are about to take their registry test to become licensed. I would like to hire people to proof read the material, ensure the copy rights are legitimate, and an individual who could market my book.

    Posted by lnappi
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  • The Forum: A Tale of Love Across Death’s Divide

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    I have created an ePub version of my book, which looks great when published on Amazon KDP. However, when I take that same document, it gets an error when loading via Nook Press. I then tried to load the manuscript as a Word document, which Nook Press accepts, but even after editing it line by […]

    Posted by gigi
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  • The Forum: A Tale of Love Across Death’s Divide

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    The Forum is a dialogue-driven memoir written from the perspective of the afterlife. It charts the forty-year love affair between a swashbuckling Brooklyn raconteur named Ray Mazzara, and my character, nicknamed Gigi, beginning after Ray dies, as he sits beside God to review his triumphs and travails. This imagined framework enables both sides to offer […]

    Posted by gigi
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  • A.J. The Wonder Cat

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    I am looking to hire an illustrator for my children’s book – A.J. The Wonder Cat – which is a story about a cat and his adventures trying to not eat a bird. It is based on a story my father used to tell me as a child. I would be open to discussing pricing […]

    Posted by malerisevier
    Los Angeles, CA, United States 1 project posted
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    I am looking for someone who may give me a different perspective regarding the content and plot of my book which is a business non -fiction.

    Posted by kimmytozana
    United Arab Emirates 1 project posted
  • notes from the men’s room – a college story

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    Greetings, I started using an editor and, based on his good advice, went through the entire book and did almost a complete rewrite. I started with around 160,000 words and have since whittled it down to around 90k. (it may grown a little from there as I still need to write the ending, but not […]

    Posted by w-hchostings
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