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  • Anubis Chosen

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    I am looking to hire a copy editor to polish any awkward phrasing, word overuse, or punctuation problems in my novel. It is a fantasy adventure story that takes place in ancient Egypt. The plot consists of a blend between “Hamlet” and “Robin Hood” with a love story interwoven in. Egyptian mythology is prevalent through […]

    Posted by duspontak
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  • Proofread 400 page sci-fi

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    I am looking to hire someone with references. The novel is 400 pages, 124k words and has already been edited, but my current editor is busy. The script is quite clean, although, I need someone to pick out the small mistakes here and there, such as passive voice, unnecessary narrative, comma usage. This would include […]

    Posted by oliverg
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  • dfs

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    Posted by onlineassignmentforuaestudents
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  • german-english dictionary for plumbing and heating installer

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    EBOOK announcement, january 2017: EBOOK-Ankuendigung fuer Januar 2017: ASIN: B01N1X0DXB german-english dictionary for plumbing and heating installer German-english Dictionary for Plant Mechanic for HVAC and Sanitary Engineering (building automation and control, welding, refrigeration engineering, air-conditioning technology, heating engineering, production engineering, mechanics, metallurgy, tool engineering/manufacture, machine tools, process measuring and control technology, electronics, mechanical engineering, electrical […]

    Posted by Wagner
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  • Concierge Services

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    Premiere Concierge specialists will do almost everything for you ranging from running your daily errands to fulfilling complex, time-consuming requests. Our concierges offer 24-hour assistance, recommendations and priority bookings. Get your personal and professional life back on track with our services.

    Posted by premiereconcierge
    4400 N Scottsdale Rd #9, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States 1 project posted
  • Delete

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    Posted by california
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  • Re-write description for back cover for print and digital and assist with tagline creation

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    I would like someone to re-write the description of the back cover for my book including details of about the author and assist in choosing the best tagline of a book for its second publication. The bio is 300 words long and possibly include three reviews or blurbs from the book. We can discuss further […]

    Posted by monzie
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  • History of Chocolate

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    Hi, I am writing a book about the history of chocolate which include historical facts + recipes from the Mayan times to modern day chocolate recipes.

    Posted by andrewfriedland
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  • Endohuman: Love Vs Duty

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    Writing is an old dream that I packaged and forgot in the storage room of my troubled mind for many years. Now, even though I am passed my teenage years and have a very demanding and full time job in a Big 4 Audit Firm, I decided it is time to open up that crate […]

    Posted by nick-dream
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  • Alcoholite at the Altar: The Writer and Addiction/The Writings of Dr. Roger Forseth

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    An indexer for this dense, literary, approximately 200pp book.

    Posted by cassandra
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