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  • Easy Cover Layout for print

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to use indesign to format my cover with the template provided by create space and ingram sparks. i have the illustration and font chosen already, and just need someone to do a very simple layout of print and spacing for the cover of my book please.

    Posted by phoebe933
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  • The Forum: A Tale of Love Across Death’s Divide

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    I have created an ePub version of my book, which looks great when published on Amazon KDP. However, when I take that same document, it gets an error when loading via Nook Press. I then tried to load the manuscript as a Word document, which Nook Press accepts, but even after editing it line by […]

    Posted by gigi
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    I am looking for someone who may give me a different perspective regarding the content and plot of my book which is a business non -fiction.

    Posted by kimmytozana
    United Arab Emirates 1 project posted
  • LeadPages

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    I am looking for someone to set up some LeadPages landing pages for me. I know the process is fairly simple, but I want to focus on the creation of content and delegate some of the marketing. Thanks!

    Posted by writer123
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  • The Lost Boy

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    I’m looking for a person who can read over my book and make sure it is formatted correctly. And it is a book about a young boy who hides from his problem and everyone is tired of him this little boy has no heart, but soon finds one in an underworld and he gets better […]

    Posted by chris22
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  • Over/Under Man

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    I seek a developmental editor for my novel, Over/Under Man, a psychological drama that contains 81,000 words. After he returns to Berlin from Moscow, a German graduate student of history must discover whether he is a former spy, delusional, or both.

    Posted by kellogg-anabasis
    London, United Kingdom 1 project posted
  • Oppression

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    Posted by wilfam41
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  • Financial Crises 2008

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    I have writen about the 2008 Financial Crises and need an editor.

    Posted by davycaz
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  • Editorial Assessment on a Business Book about Healthcare Entrepreneurship

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    First time author looking for professional-level feedback on a completed manuscript draft created with Scrivener. The book is about the nitty-gritty of IT (software) in Healthcare industry, so it’s pretty niche content. But it is written for a reader that knows very little about healthcare IT, and is aspiring to be an entrepreneur in it. […]

    Posted by exbeim
    San Francisco, CA, United States 1 project posted
  • The Beyond

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    Hi, I’m Kali Herrick, 13 year old fictional story writer, and I’m looking for an editor and cover designer. My book hasn’t been completed yet, but I think that it could be a great seller once it is done. I hope to have it done by November 2016, but I have school, so I’m not […]

    Posted by k-trinity-h
    California, United States 1 project posted