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  • Steps To Create A Playlist On YouTube

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    A playlist on YouTube is a group, or a list of the videos that play in order, one video after the other. When one video comes to an end of playing, the next starts automatically so that you don’t have to search or click to play a new video. You can create playlists according to […]

    Posted by smith655
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  • Convert QuickBooks online to desktop

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    There are times when the client utilizing QuickBooks online needs to exchange to QuickBooks work area for more upgraded highlights or for that one specific usefulness that is available just with the work area variant. In such cases client should exchange their organization document too from online rendition to work area form. Keeping in mind […]

    Posted by famesandy
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    Our Factory | Production Equipment | Our Certification | Our Exhibition The original company established in August 2000 and the factory is located in China’s First Town of Credit, Xiaojiang Town, Wenzhou. We are the manufacturer of non-woven fabrics, non-woven bags and woven bags; we provide the one-stop production system integrating color printing, composite and […]

    Posted by wew9630
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  • Unustatud Sõber

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    ◦ Lõputuna näiv viljapõld ulatus kuni silmapiirini, kus maa ja taevas kokku said. Kaugemal, päris põllu serval oli näha mets, mis paistis hämaras kõrge ja võimas nagu vana mäeahelik, mille kohal taevas juba roosakalt helendama lõi. Kusagilt kostus ööbik, kes oma öist armulaulu lõpetas ning Õhus oli tunda hilissuviste põllulillede magusat aroomi, mis õrnalt nagu […]

    Posted by janek777
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  • Assignment Arena

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    Posted by assignmentarena
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    I am looking for someone who may give me a different perspective regarding the content and plot of my book which is a business non -fiction.

    Posted by kimmytozana
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  • The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer

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    I have a ms.of about 100,000 words, which is being edited now. Because the book is big and the price has to be competitive, I need to watch the economics. It seems to me that the best printing option is IngramSparks, but I would like to make sure I am making the best decisions. I […]

    Posted by janet29018
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  • Looking for an Agent -Publsiher Book

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    Posted by anavidalegea
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  • Fear of Drowning

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    I am looking for someone to guide me through the indy publishing process beginning with a book cover design. The novel has been professionally edited and has received excellent feedback from many agents. I would like to publish it this Fall.

    Posted by nikkipag
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