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  • Intuit Quickbooks Contact number USA 1-844-342-2802

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    Quickbooks Technical Support Quickbooks help Intuit quickbooks help Quickbooks payroll help Quickbooks pro help Quickbooks premier help QUickbooks Enterprise help Quickbooks POS Help Quickbooks Support Quickbooks Online Help Quickbooks Desktop Support Contact Quickbooks Support INTUIT HELP

    Posted by jonesn449
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  • Jatin’s memoir

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    I have written a memoir on my experiences with a big 4 organisation, the challenges, the politics in forefront. I need support in editing my memoir to make it marketable. I am attaching some sample chapters.

    Posted by jatin8407
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  • Options trading strategies.

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    Tax reform is on every analyst’s mind right now. Changes in the corporate tax rate are a significant development. Many analysts are revising their earnings models to reflect the lower rates. In many cases, this will result in higher earnings per share. But, the changes to the tax rules will have effects beyond the rate […]

    Posted by optionsprofitsdaily
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  • Dust

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    This is to hire a professional editor for an English language novel, named ‘ Dust’. The services required are to edit language, structure, and if some more work is required for character development, flow of events, and clarity in narrative.

    Posted by arshad
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  • Ossuary

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    Seeking a developmental editor for a 70,000-word supernatural thriller. First in a series of seven.

    Posted by eb7228
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  • Psych thriller developmental editor needed

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    I’m looking for someone who has experience editing thrillers, especially developmental editing or manuscript evaluation. I write psychological thrillers and need an editor to help me achieve my goals. Estimated MS length is 75,000-80,000 words.

    Posted by gkabongo
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  • Almost

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    I’m looking to hire an editor who does developmental editing, as well as someone who does substantive or line editing for a fiction novel. The genre of my novel can easily fall into any one of the following categories: Christian, Women, Inspirational, Young Adult, or Crime/Detective. The Chameleon is a master of disguise criminal who […]

    Posted by inspiredreads
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  • Over/Under Man

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    I seek a developmental editor for my novel, Over/Under Man, a psychological drama that contains 81,000 words. After he returns to Berlin from Moscow, a German graduate student of history must discover whether he is a former spy, delusional, or both.

    Posted by kellogg-anabasis
    London, United Kingdom 1 project posted
  • Fantasy Manuscript Critique Wanted

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    I am looking for someone experienced in fantasy fiction work to read an extensive tale, currently sitting at about 105,000 words, and give it a manuscript critique. My goal is to self publish as an Ebook, or a series of short illustrated serial chapters via a specialty app like LINE’s Webtoons. The story is simply […]

    Posted by azhiraz
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